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Welcome to / BTi !
BTi was made because i wanted to share my web
related bujinkan items to the world.
Now BTi also helps out dojo and buyu getting their
websites on the web.
Shared insights, thoughts, ideas and multi-media
can now be reached by buyu around the world.

Would you like to help or join BTi?
Then mail me

BTi is very proud of hosting the website of the
Bujinkan dojo of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil !

Buyu, please enjoy your space on the world wide web!
You can find their website right here

BTi now also hosts the website of the miko dojo!
After a long time of seeking for the right layout the site is finally live.
Please visit the site at

BTi now hosts 2 dojo websites!
Do you have something bujinkan related that has to go on the
internet but you don't know how?
Then contact BTi and we might solve this problem!

For more BTi "flavoured" video's ; please see the youtube page

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